Film Making Course

The Vinsan Academy of Film & Media is offering a One Year Certificate Course in Film making this year. The course will consist of a number of content components, covering:

Fee for film making is 1,25,000/-


Story, Screenplay & Dialogues

The core of a film is defined by its unique story, notable screenplay, and effective dialogues. At the Vinsan Academy of Film & Media, students will be enlightened with the fundamentals of scriptwriting through the creation of scenes, meaningful dialogues and the creative process of storytelling. The subject would focus on aspects like plotting, character development, dialogue writing and much more. This subject enables students to generate ideas and culminate it into the final script.


Directors are often termed as magicians as they manage to bring the magic alive in movies. The direction is the creative art of developing the soul of a film, while effectively communicating and collaborating with teams that are artistic and technically sound. At the Vinsan Academy of Film & Media, students will learn about the different aspects of direction and the responsibilities of a director. Through lectures, projects and workshops, students will get an exclusive opportunity to work closely with an experienced faculty.


Sound & Music

The Vinsan Academy of Film & Media enables students to gain noteworthy information and experience in sound recording, both on location and at the studio. This subject helps in understanding both the technical and creative aspects of the recording process. Students will learn the practical use of sound equipment through knowledgeable projects and workshops.

History of Cinema

Film History explores the various cinematic traditions, technical aspects, creative inputs and equipment that have been used throughout the course of evolution of cinema. Students will also get to assess the importance of various genres, legacies of several eminent personalities and the impact cinema have on modern culture.



Cinematography defines the vision of a film where a cinematographer uses creative techniques which are the key to perfect visual storytelling. At the Vinsan Academy of Film & Media, students will be taught the art with theoretical and technical sessions of photography along with educating them about the technical and operational use of film cameras. They will also get to learn about the concepts and techniques of lighting, while simultaneously working on projects and shoots to understand the role of a cinematographer. This subject also covers the practical use of tools and equipment used to achieve cinematographic excellence.

Editing & Post - Production

Film editing and post-production is an important aspect of filmmaking as this process assembles the finished product making it suitable for viewing. At the Vinsan Academy of Film & Media, students will be taught about the fundamentals of film editing and its technical aspects. Projects and workshops conducted give an insight into exclusive materials such as footage, graphics, and special effects along with encouraging students to develop creative means of editing.


Film Appreciation

The Vinsan Academy of Film & Media will provide insights to students about the understanding of latest global trends, the elemental ideologies of cinema and its rich legacy. The subject would help the students understand and appreciate the mantle of cinema through detailed film analysis, classroom discussions, watching films and reading relevant books.