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Sthalpuran @ 70th Berlin Film Festival 2020

A Marathi Movie Produced by Mr. Sanjay Shetye Nominated for & Premiered at Berlin Film Festival 2020

Making a movie is not a 2 hour job. That 2 hour entertainment takes days, months to come to reality.

This movie Sthalpuran has been yet another feat by Mr. Sanjay Shetye, who is the Producer for this film and the Director at Vinsan World which has various successful business ventures including Vinsan Academy of Film & Media.

Achieving recognition by the renowned Berlin Film Festival is not just an appreciation but a huge remark that tells us about the bright future of the Marathi Film Industry. And we are proud that Vinsan has played a significant role in this success.

Shantache Karte Marathi Naatak Award

Shantecha Karta Chalu Aahe is one of our successful works. A Marathi Natak produced by Vinsan World and Cine Mantra.

Mr. Sanjay Shetye who was the Co-Producer for this hilarious farce & lead Vinsan World, to present 100+ shows of this drama. It was performed in Drama Theatres across Maharashtra & Dubai.

Shantecha Karta Chalu Ahe is a hilarious farce, where a father and son set up a plan to change their mother’s irritating behavior. They make up an imaginary woman who the father is in love with and she sends him love letters. One day, coincidentally, the same woman enters their house and that’s where the fun begins.

GMFF Entertainment

“Thanks you for the warm hospitality of the Vinsan World team, that has made the 11th edition of GMFF so glorious and memorable for all. Kudos to all of you!” – Sonali Kulkarni
The Goa Marathi Film Festival was first launched in 2008, as a platform to celebrate the richness of Marathi cinema, against the enchanting backdrop of Goa. There were many reasons behind the establishment of this festival, factors like the drive of wanting to display Marathi cinema on a national level, creating a destination event for Goa and enhance interactions among members representing the Marathi film fraternity. The evolution of the festival has been truly remarkable with luminaries from all over the country visiting each year. The 11th edition was bigger, better and grander with a spectacular display of fine film, glittering after-parties and a gathering of elite audiences.

Sweden Marathi International Film Festival

Vinsan World has made significant efforts in promoting the Marathi Film Industry. The Sweden Marathi International Film Festival was a successful attempt by Vinsan World to take the Marathi Film Industry internationally.

The applause and response we received for this film festival was overwhelming and we were successful in adding to the glory of the Marathi Cinema on an international platform. It was our successful collaboration with the Indian Embassy in Sweden that helped us create this platform, and we are thankful to them for all their support. We are positive that we will be having many more entertainment galas like this in the future, and put all our efforts into enhancing the success of the Marathi Film Industry.

Konkani Film "Digant"

Digant is a movie Directed & Produced by Vinsan World which grabbed a lot of eyeballs in the 43rd edition of International Film Festival of India. It was screened in the Indian Panorama section of the IFFI 2012. It was the only entry from Goa. Digant was also acknowledged in the New Faces Section of the Mumbai Academy of Moving Images (MAMI) Film Festival the same year.

This amazing movie depicted the life of the nomadic people who despite moving from place to place live a stable life, thereby giving an entirely new meaning to the concept of freedom. Digant is one of the good examples of the prolific work Vinsan has done in the past years.

Jesus in India Movie

A movie is not just a source of entertainment. Sometimes it becomes a statement. Sometimes it is a source of knowledge for many. And sometimes it is a tool used to create awareness.

And this makes the movie-making activity an interesting but complicated & challenging feat.

Vinsan was the Associate Producer in the making of this amazing film “Jesus in India”.

It is about the old age mystery of the missing years from the life of Jesus. It has been an intriguing question as to where was Jesus during the said period of time. Evidence suggests he was in India.

Watch this movie to see how his journey came to happen only on Amazon prime US and Pantaflix.